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Sex Ed The Musical

Jul 18, 2019


Over the years, I’ve spoken to a lot of women about sex, and I keep hearing similar issues coming up over and over again. Whether it’s shame or judgment or trauma, none of us gets through this unscathed.

But what a lot people don’t realize is that thousands of women of completely different backgrounds and ages, share the same issues and fears. Unfortunately, we tend to internalize them as our own instead of sharing them with each other. So each of us goes through life, carrying this trauma around like a gigantic suitcase with four broken wheels.

In this series of interviews I’m calling Under Covers, I speak to women of all ages, sexual orientations and backgrounds who share the most intimate details of their sex lives. You’re going to hear all sorts of brave women who allow me into their bedrooms, with the hope that we’ll all discover we’re not alone and it’s possible to step away from the shame and judgment we’re carrying in order to enjoy the pleasure and fun we all deserve.

It’s not all heavy, in fact a lot of this is pretty hilarious.

On this first episode, I speak with a woman I’ve named Brianna. That’s not her real name, every one of these interviews is completely anonymous.

All you need to know in advance is that Brianna is 39, married and identifies as heterosexual. That’s where all similarities end…or begin.