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Sex Ed The Musical

Jul 11, 2019

You’re a young, smart, single woman in New York City. The world is YOURS!

True, you resembled Danny DeVito in your teens. True, you are incredibly inexperienced sexually. True, you have body issues, intimacy issues, commitment issues, confidence issues, underwear issues, roommate issues, and a crippling fear of sexually transmitted infections.

But other than that, the world is YOURS!

On this episode I interview the hilarious Olive Persimmon, author of The Coitus Chronicles. In this autobiographical journey, we join Olive after she decides a 5-year sexual drought is no longer acceptable. She takes hilarious steps to rediscover what it is she wants out of sex and then ventures waaaaaaaaaaay outside of her comfort zone to find it.

From BDSM classes to dabbling in a sex cult, Olive goes there and takes us along for her hilarious ride.

As with most of my episodes, at one point we veer into the ridiculous. This time it’s the world of Furries and Olive gets me to admit which furry character I’d want to have sex with. Even I was shocked by my answer.

Then, at 34:00 it’s an all-new Screw Confession. This one involves a single woman, a new boyfriend and a puppy with a strange way of greeting someone. It’s absolutely hilarious.


We can’t even define what sex really is cause we as a society are so afraid to be having these conversations.

I have a flip phone that I use occasionally and it is amazing the amount of “brain space” you get back when you’re not comparing yourself to others.

Dating takes time and effort. And if you’re using that time and effort on social media I could see how that could affect the amount of people you’re meeting.

I didn’t know that the vagina and the vulva were different things. And I was like 30!

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IG: @olivepersimmon


Purchase the book here.

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