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Sex Ed The Musical

Sep 27, 2019

Michele Bachmann once famously said, “No one knows his way around a penis like a gay man.” Or maybe she was talking about her husband?

Either way, it’s totally TRUE!

That’s why on this episode, I went to THE SOURCE! My very dear friend and gay husband, Mr. LaRue, to find out exactly what blowjob techniques will...

Sep 19, 2019

In every city across America, there are Sex Clubs. Some are private and require memberships. Some require you to send nude photos to make sure you conform to a certain aesthetic in order to be admitted. Some are super elite and cost thousands of dollars to attend for just one night. Some are exclusively gay. Some...

Sep 12, 2019

“Always listen to your heart, because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right.”

— Nicholas Sparks

On this episode, I reveal the surprising true story behind the creation of Sex Ed The Musical. I don’t want to give too much away right here. Let’s just say it required a fuckton of failure, a...

Sep 5, 2019

Sex Education has a controversial history in this country.

Deliberate misinformation, scare tactics, religious corruption, institutionalized misogyny, and archaic educational materials are all part of the story.

Sex education isn’t required in every state and even if it is taught in your state, it’s not always...