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Sex Ed The Musical

Jan 20, 2022

7th grade.

It’s a boy/girl party in my best friend’s basement. There are about 10 of us there. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, is playing non-stop on the record player. The lights are low. The air is filled with equal parts anticipation and terror. Someone suggests we play a game called 7 Minutes in Heaven.

The voice...

Jan 7, 2022

Three years ago on this podcast, I began asking women of different ages, sexual identities and socioeconomic backgrounds a series of questions about the most intimate details of their lives. I called the interviews Under Covers.

All of the women were asked the same questions about their sexual awakenings, different...

Dec 16, 2021

“This is the best way for me to be seen. How I want to be seen. And that is as a Muslim woman.”

When nurse practitioner Neda walked into a pole dancing class while wearing a hijab, she had no agenda. A life-long athlete, she had purchased a Class Pass and decided to use it to learn some “ho stuff” from “a...

Dec 3, 2021

Imagine you had the perfect partner.

Someone who constantly saw to your needs. Put you first. Gave you whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it. Treated you with respect, tenderness and unconditional love at all times.

Sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Well, it turns out this relationship is possible. That very person is...

Nov 11, 2021

Cynthia Nixon. Meredith Baxter. Niecy Nash. Cassandra Peterson/Elvira. Elizabeth Gilbert. Glennon Doyle. Carol Liefer. Wanda Sykes.

What do the incredibly accomplished and talented women on this list all have in common?

They all dated and/or married men…until later in life when they all fell in love with other...